Welcome to the website of The Colt Nation, West Jessamine High School’s student run newspaper.


Colt Nation aspires to connect the student body of West Jessamine High School with their school, community, and country. We hope to entertain and inform readers of interesting local events which may otherwise be unknown. Colt Nation will also include interest pieces and insight from school-wide surveys. We hope to promote the many clubs, teams, and organizations at West High by exhibiting their benefits and opportunities. Colt Nation will also profile individuals from both the faculty and student body.

-Colt Nation 2012-2013 editors Jack Bandy and Mia Zanzucchi

Colt Nation was founded in November of 2012. The first issue was published the following month by six very dedicated students putting the time and effort in on their own without a class or official “club” status.

Since then, the staff has expanded and the paper is reaching more and more people thanks to generous support from the Jessamine Journal.

Starting with the 2013-2014 school year, Colt Nation will be part of the dual journalism class which covers both print journalism with work in the paper as well as photojournalism with work in the school’s yearbook. This is a class for creative people. Not only do we write and take photos for the whole newspaper and yearbook, but we do the layouts as well. 


  1. Kathy Davila · May 3, 2014

    I think an interesting article could be “Summer, Korean Style.” You could interview Isaiah Kang and Esther Park, seniors from Korea. Each of them have experience spending many hours of their summer days studying. I recently read this quote on page 60 of the book The Smartest Kids in the World and How They Got That Way,
    “Over summer break, libraries are so crowded that students have to get tickets to go.
    Many paid $4 to rent a small air-conditioned carrel in the city’s plentiful supply of for-profit self-study libraries.”

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