A Word from your Local FFA Chapter

Sarah Warren

If you have ever seen that iconic blue, corduroy jacket in the halls here at West High, you have instantly been able to determine that the wearer is a member of our local FFA chapter.  The Jessamine County Agriculture Department is proud to boast a membership of around 150 Freshman – Senior students within the chapter, and twice as many students enrolled in Ag classes.

It is with the collaboration of both East and West High Schools coming together at JCTC, as well as the department’s 4 agricultural advisors, that Jessamine County has one of the best chapters in the state. A common misconception about the FFA Organization is that it is all about cows, plows and sows. However, since the early 1980s the organization has widened its classes to welcome in any student with a desire to learn more about the agricultural industry.

The FFA now not only includes the farming aspect, but also strives to give back to the community through innumerable community service projects, as well as leadership opportunities and career development events. We are a diverse family of agricultural optimists and community leaders with a desire to aid in any way. Dues are $20, that’s all. You don’t have to live on a farm. You don’t have to have ever even touched an animal. All that is required is an AG class and a desire to join. We promise, you’ll look great in national blue and corn gold; corduroy is always in style in the Ag. Department!


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