April Athlete of the Month: Katie Mitchell

Josh Preston

The Colt Nation athlete of the month for March is Sophomore Katie Mitchell.  She plays on the West Jessamine Girls’ Soccer team, and is also a member of the West Jessamine Girls’ Tennis team.  Katie is quite the scholar athlete: with a busy sports-life comes a busy academic-life.  “I find it difficult, at times, to balance the two.  For example, when I have a tennis match on the road and then a test the next day, it’s tough.  Sports cut back on the amount of time I have to study.” says Mitchell.

Although success has come to her in both sports, Mitchell says she enjoys soccer more.  “I have the most fun playing soccer, probably because it’s more of a team sport.  In tennis, you play alone or with one other person, and I don’t like that as much since it lacks the team aspect.”

With two more years left in her high school career, Katie aspires to play at the intercollegiate level when she graduates.  “I really hope I can play collegiate soccer one day.  I think it would be a great thing to continue on in my soccer career and just to get a chance to play at that level would be an excellent opportunity.”


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