Confetti Causes Colt Crazies to Cross Line

Robby Irgang

The county clash this year at East Jessamine did everything but bore the fans or the teams. The game was competitive all the way through but it’s what happened before the game that literally “threw” everyone in the gym for a surprise.  The colt crazies did everything, but represent west in a positive way. For the second year in a row our student section found a way to delay one of the biggest games on the schedule. The student section decided to trash the court with multi colored bouncy balls, thick rubber bands and tiny beads.

The games delay paled in comparison to last year’s baby powder delay but it was still not a good way to show off the West Jessamine student body as Assistant Principal Dr. Wells put it, “There are other ways to show support for our team.” He later went on to comment about the students by saying, “We as a student body are better than the actions that took place.” I believe Dr. Wells speaks for all of the principals based on the reaction over the announcements the Monday following the game.

The principals weren’t the only ones that found some disapproval in the situation. A junior at West, Carter Hahn, said this about the incident “I thought the idea of the bouncy balls by themselves were harmless. It was when the confetti and other things were added to the mix that it got out of hand.” So for the second year in a row the court was made unplayable for about 30 minutes. Next year, it will be a hot topic question to whether or not our student section goes for three in a row. After all, we have done it to their court two years in a row with no retaliation.


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