December Tweet Talk

Carter Hahn

If you haven’t heard of Twitter yet, then odds are you have been living under a rock. Social media has taken over the way we live our lives. In just 140 characters or less, people can express their innermost feelings with the entire world, and share their ideas. Tweets can range from @Westjessprobs to just the average student. While you’re at it, give me a follow @carterhahn5.

Not only is twitter great for getting ideas out, but you can also follow famous people and see what they are doing all day. Some of the top people to follow on Twitter are:

  • @RyanSeacrest (Ryan Seacrest)
  • @KimKardashian (Kim Kardashian)
  • @Oprah (Oprah Winfrey)

One thing that all three of those people have in common is that they all have over 8 Million followers on Twitter. Just think about it. These people send out just one tweet, and it will be viewed by double the population of Kentucky (4,369,356). It’s crazy for me to think of having that many followers when all I have is a wimpy 419.

Another interesting aspect of Twitter is the “Trending Topic”. By simply putting a “Hashtag” (#) in front of a word, it

associates that tweet with any other tweet that has “hashtagged” the same thing that you did. If lots of people have “hashtagged” the same things, then it becomes trending. This is a very effective way of getting information out to the people. Because if you see lots of people that you follow tweeting about the same subjects, you will most likely want to learn what it is they’re tweeting about.

All in all, twitter is a very effective tool for the spread of information, and I recommend getting one to all of you out there who are #twitterless. 


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