Dressing Down the Dress Code

Carter Hahn

Here at West Jessamine we have a dress code, and it is written in the code of conduct. But is it too relaxed? Junior Carson Ball: “I think it should be more enforced. I think forcing khakis and a button-up would be beneficial to the school.” This may be a bit extreme, but it is something to think about. Are the yoga pants too much? What about pajama pants or hats? I personally have never seen anything too far out of dress code, but there are little things here and there that may be crossing the line.

I see too many students breaking the code like this one here, where a student’s undergarments are hanging out of their pants. When a teacher sees this they are supposed to fix the issue, but do they?

Colt Nation would like your feedback. Is West Jessamine’s Dress Code too relaxed, or is it good enough? E-mail your answers to wjhscoltnation@gmail.com. We will print responses in the next issue!


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