Familiar Face, New Role

Carson Ball

He might have a new gig, but Yancey Marcum is anything but new to West Jessamine Football.

Marcum was appointed to be the next head football coach on Wednesday, January 9. Marcum has served as an assistant coach for the past seven seasons at West Jessamine.

A 2000 WJHS graduate, Marcum went on to play collegiate football for Youngstown State University, the school from which he graduated. He returned to West as an assistant coach in 2005. Of all responsibilities that come with being head coach, Marcum said that his main priority above all else is to influence his players’ lives.

“I felt that being a head coach, I could implement the systems and the control and help kids more than when I was an assistant,” he explained.

Marcum took the position as head football coach with four goals in mind for next season and many more seasons to come. First, he wants to win district. Second, he wants his kids to benefit not only on the field, but in the classroom as well. He plans to help each of his players do well in school and graduate. He also wants to guide his players so that they will be the best men that they can be. Lastly, Marcum wants to do what West has only been able to do once in the past 3 seasons- beat East Jessamine.

When word spread through the hallways of West Jessamine that Marcum was to take the position of the next head coach, morale was at an all-time high.

“He was the best man for the job,” explained Junior Carter Hahn. “He deserved it more than anyone else, and I couldn’t be happier right now, not only for him, but as a member of the West Jessamine football program.”

Returning Junior Running Back Devin Taylor said, “He’s taught me so much while he’s been a coach here at West. Not only about football, but about life in general,” when asked about the hiring of Marcum.

Taylor went on to say, “Since he was hired, all the kids who ever thought about playing football now want to play. Our team is expanding, and I’m really excited about the future of this program.”


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