Gun Safety Debate

Carter Hahn

With the recent elementary school shooting in Connecticut, many people have been debating the legality of high-powered assault rifles. Those opposed to the guns being legal argue that there is no use for these assault rifles in hunting game. These rapid-firing machine guns can only be used to slaughter people, as seen in shootings across the country, or to shoot for no reason. President Obama claims that he will make gun control a primary concern in his second term as the President of the United States.

Those who support the legality of these assault rifles argue that it is their “Right to bear arms” as given to them in the Bill of Rights. This also poses a very strong point. Both sides to the argument have very valid points and  makes for a sometimes heated debate.

Now for my input on the subject: I believe, as Americans, although we have the right to bear arms, there is no need for these high-powered death machines. They should be illegal because they are not used for anything of purpose, and as long as they are legal, mass shootings such as the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School, will continue to happen.

So the question remains: Should the government restrict some of our rights to potentially save some lives? The Colt Nation seeks your feedback. Contact us at


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