Huffman’s Hallway Hints

Staff Writer Justin Huffman offers tips on proper WJHS Hallway procedure

The hallways are a vital element of our school. The halls allow students to make a transition between classes, talk to friends, and get to the restrooms. However, some students have abused or misused these hallways. Here are a few tips for proper hallway etiquette.

Affection – Nobody wants to see your PDA, and if you really have to do it – at least get out of the way of others. Plus, you could be at risk to contract a disease, which is unsafe to your health.

The Right Sid e – It is where you are supposed to drive; it is where you should walk in the hallways. It is simple and helpful. Waking on the right side of the hall improves the flow of traffic and can prevent awkward situations where people run into each other around a corner…

Running – Do not. Running is a safety hazard and it also makes you look silly. This is especially a problem on the way to lunch, even though there is plenty of food and plenty of time to eat. There may be times where running is necessary, such as to get to class on time, but remember – We are judging you.

In conclusion, use common sense.

According to Huffman, rounding corners while walking on the left side of the hallway is asking for a head-on collision. Not smart.

Do not run in the hallways. There is no need. It is not safe. And Justin Huffman will judge you.

Hallway misuse at WJHS makes Justin Huffman crazy.


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