Intramurals: A Hubble Telescope for West’s Stars

Jack Bandy

The image on the left is what a person can see in the sky on a clear night. The white box represents a region which appears completely dark and empty to the human eye. The image on the right, however, shows what the Hubble telescope saw after absorbing light waves from this “white box” region for some 500 hours. A different tool made the same reality appear very different.

That’s exactly what the intramural basketball league has done for West High. Each game reveals a new star. After four seasons of high school basketball spent on the bench, senior Grant Wells now has his chance to shine. “It was kinda weird, you know, scoring more points in one intramural game than in my entire high school career combined.” In his team’s season-opener, Wells had a league-high 23 points with 18 of them from behind the 3-point line.

The league opened registration several weeks ago and filled up all eight team spots, each team with six players to total 48 players in the league. After every team plays each of the other seven teams, the league committee plans to have a post-season tournament. “I was really impressed with how it all came together so well. I mean, you’ve got refs, stats, rankings. It’s the real deal. They’ve even got their own website!” said junior Carson Ball, captain of Hufflepuff (1-1).

Among other interests, the league’s pre-season top-ranked team “Old School” has drawn much attention. The team consists of head basketball coach Damon Kelley, along with four other staff members and two members of the coaching staff. So far, Old School has lived up to the pre-season hype and will be a threat come tournament time.

As the league’s co-founder and co-commissioner, I hope the intramural league demonstrates the innovative spirit of the “West Way” and inspires the student body to build more telescopes.


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