Irgangnam Style: December Update

Robby Irgang

I have never been described as stylish so at first glance you may read this and wonder, “How is Robby Irgang writing a fashion report?” Well, to be honest, I’ll be asking a lot of the readers for help. However, for this first issue I thought I should make it a little gender specific. For the guys, it’s winter time and so as you roll out of bed, I expect to see nothing but some comfortable sweats and a t-shirt. This is the time of the year when some guys try to get fancy, especially when we come back from break. You can stay warm and comfortable while still being fashionable. Tanner Richards, a Junior, believes a little differently:

“A long sleeve t-shirt, some khakis or jeans, and a loafer-type shoe like Sperry’s.” is what he thinks is in this season.

Now for the ladies: This one is tricky for me, but I have been able to ask for some opinions and can’t wait to hear more. West Senior Devyn Lane has told me: 

“Small polka dots are becoming very popular” along with “peplum shirts, lace and the color emerald.”

Always remember the golden rule: Keep it simple and you can’t go wrong. I’m hoping that I help West High dress stylishly year round. Chao!


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