More Than a Song

Carson Ball

Students at West Jessamine High School have really been taking their musical interests to the next level. Four students have done the seemingly impossible. Not only have they been living “The West Way,” they have taken Mr. Jones’ illustrious example of how a model West Jessamine student is classified and turned it into words. And thus, the birth of “The West Way Pt. II” mix-tape.

Carson Ball, Carter Hahn, Jake Purkins, and Will Henderson recorded their first song, The Office, and released it to be viewable by the public on November 19th. Since then, the video has had over 320 views, and was widely talked about on social media networks. The crew has since then published one other song and claims that many more are on the way. 

“Two songs released in a matter of only six days. I’d say that’s pretty good,” explained Carter Hahn when asked about the current status of the mixtape. “But I can promise you that this is only the beginning.”

When asked about the style of their raps, Jake Purkins answered that “Anyone can rap with explicit words and morally downtrodden images… But that’s not the West Way. We keep our raps clean so that they will be accepted by all audiences.”

Dodging all of the criticism from what they call their “haters”, this group claims that they didn’t choose the rap game. Rather, the rap game chose them. 


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