Spring Break Plans Vary Wildly for Students and Staff

Skyler Reisig

Spring break is almost always a fun time, whether it’s catching up on sleep, visiting long distance friends and family or going on a vacation. For some people this spring break could be the beginning of the rest of their lives, such as Mr. Green and Ms. Slaton (they’re getting married!), or just some seriously needed downtime. Looking at others, this spring break is going to be all about traveling such students who have taken AP social studies classes and are going to China, or others who are going to France. There are also people going to visit friends and family in places like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. Some are vacationing in places like Hilton Head, South Carolina and Florida.

When asked what she thinks about Spring Break, Lara Baggili said, “I feel that it’s a nice break from all the studying and all the work that we have to do.” Also when asked if she plans on doing any homework, she replied, “Maybe last minute homework on the last day. I mean, if I have to do homework it will be last minute homework on the last day.”

If you’re like Lara, then your stay-cationing, so here are a few ideas to brighten your spring break if you are: camping, going to the mall, hanging out with friends, playing video games, sleeping, throwing a party, going to a party, going to Champs, going to the movies, and if the weather allows it, tanning. Whether you’re going somewhere fun or staying you can turn this Spring break into a success!


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