Tilting at Windmills

Jack Bandy

Most of today’s enemies are made up. Everyone looks for an antagonist: the idiotic driver on the other side of the road, that demonic political party, or all of the authorities living just to ruin your life. Inevitably, many end up ignoring the real enemies.

Friday’s shooting was another humbling demonstration of death’s looming threat, reminding us again that life is nothing to be taken for granted. As in Columbine, Virginia Tech, and the Aurora shooting this past summer, we grieve for the innocent lives taken for no understandable reason. We put aside all present dilemmas, personal struggles, and petty complaints as genuine sorrow takes over our emotions. Yet although these tragedies are very real to us, we can’t quantify their meaning, and it’s beyond difficult to express them in words. For every other matter in the world, we can use money, resources, or political power to demonstrate something’s value. Such measurements fail to express our heartache for situations like this.

But as we mourn, we must remember that the joy in our lives is just as real as the sorrow in these deaths. Have a Merry Christmas, everyone. 


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