Three Things to Know About the New Elementary School

Jack Bandy

1) The board of education chose the name “Red Oak” following an exasperating selection process. Red Oak is the name of an old schoolhouse located about a mile away from the complex that also includes the recently-built East Jessamine Middle School. In addition to historical significance, Red Oak symbolizes the transformation students experience: from the small acorns of childhood to the mighty oaks of adulthood.

2) Red Oak will open next fall, accompanied by a thorough redistricting plan. The county will then have six elementary schools and aims to “tighten up” on attendance-area policies. These policies previously led to a situation in which close to 20% of Wilmore Elementary’s students did not live in the school’s dedicated attendance area.

3) The $13 million dollar structure is paid for by a “nickel tax”. This revenue is separate from other school revenue, and the district can only use these funds for infrastructure (not iPads). A “nickel tax” simply means that for every $100 of a home’s assessed value, the home pays about five cents in property tax for infrastructure. (For example, a home worth $65,000 would pay 650 nickels — $32.5 — towards this fund.)

Red Oak Elementary
Red Oak Elementary
(Photo: Jonathan Kleppinger/ / February 22, 2013)

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