Talking Taylor Tour: Hawkins Sees Swift During Lexington Stop

Kolby Hawkins

Taylor Swift came out with a new album, Red, at the beginning of the school year. She just went on tour this year, stopping by Rupp Arena on Saturday, April 27th, 2013. I got tickets for my birthday, which happened to be the day of the concert. I arrived at Rupp a couple of hours before the show started, and was amazed to see what people were wearing. From look-a-like T. Swifts to people in capes, tutus, and even a little girl dressed as lipstick. I loved the two opening acts, Ed Sheeran and Brett Eldrigde. They were both super talented, especially Ed. I spent the night in the pit, right beside the stage. Taylor sang my favorite song, “All Too Well,” and you could see the emotion she had behind writing her songs as she tore up on the stage. I got a guitar pick from Taylor Swift and a high-five. My dad, who works security at Rupp, took my friend and me backstage so we could see how things work behind the stage. All-in-all, it was an amazing concert and terrific experience.


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