A principal’s perspective

Bradley Phelps

With student council elections coming up, West‘s head principal Mr. Cox had a few words to say regarding the subject in a recent interview. Having spent 14 years as principal of Tates Creek High School, he has had plenty of experience working with students, and is looking forward to spending the year with the best student leaders that West has to offer.

This particular school year offers some challenges though, the most obvious being the change in administrative staff. This will probably lead to past student council tendencies not being heavily relied on as a model. Mr. Cox hopes to use that for the good of the student body though, stating that he anticipates being able to “learn as we go” and to “set a new tone for the direction of student involvement.”

He already has a few specific changes in mind, the most noticeable being student council members taking responsibility for morning and afternoon announcements.

Another subject of change is school spirit. This is something that Cox had come to expect from his Tates Creek council, and West’s council members are expected to be much more involved in promoting school pride among the student body. Cox said that this is one of the most important roles of the student council.

Expanding his perspective to the school as a whole, Cox has come in with a goal of “openness.” He expressed a feeling that in past years, our school hasn’t been as open as it should be, both to parents and students. He hopes that over the course of this year, we can create a more accessible tone at West, one where parents can feel much more comfortable talking with teachers and administrators, students feel welcomed in the building, and the general proceedings at West are more known to both students and the public.

Mr. Cox described high school as “an exciting, unique four years” and “a critical growth period,” and the student council will certainly play a role in this, possibly a larger one than would be expected.


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