A productive prospect

Joe Bandy

With the upcoming student council election, some of you may be wondering how much, if at all, the student council affects you and your peers. It’s easy to think they’re just the people who took the time to write a speech and were the most attractive, nicest, popular, and in some cases, gave out the most candy.

But in all reality, last year was a very productive year for the student council. With the institution of things like the “Colts Coffee Corner” (which will be returning this year) and the return of things like our weekly Pledge of Allegiance and, best of all, the delicious $0.25 chocolate chip cookies returned to our menus and stomachs.

Maddie Vermillion was the junior class treasurer last year, and I interviewed her to see what she thought of last year’s student council.

Vermillion said she decided to run for treasurer last year for two reasons: “one, so that I could improve my resume for college, and two, so that I could represent the junior class as treasurer, a role that is rarely filled.”

She stated that running was worth it and went on to say that she, “learned a lot about financial leadership and I also got to see how even students can get their ideas heard and accomplished if they put their minds to it.”

Which brings me back to my main point; does student council actually do anything in their meetings?

Vermilion responded with a very confident yes and said, “The student senate meetings were definitely productive. It was nice because everyone, no matter in what position, had his or her ideas heard. I really got to see the amount of ambition that lies within the students at our school. We were actually able to get a few new projects started, such as the “Colt’s Coffee Corner” and the return of the Pledge of Allegiance on Mondays, which is awesome considering that it’s a group of students really thinking of ways to improve their school – something that your rarely see.”

All this to say, our student council does get stuff done and you can see they have potential to do even more this year. The only thing you have to do is vote for the person who you think will do just that.


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