Coffee collateral

Cale Canter

Last fall, a revolutionary idea was conceived by former class president Ashley Brunty: there shall be a place in which students can purchase and enjoy beverages considered luxuries inside the walls of West Jessamine. The concept was one of admiration by current senior Mia Zanzucchi.

“Basically [Student Council] presented the idea, came up with a schedule, and I think [Mr.] Blake presented it to the board,” Zanzucchi said. “We were approved, given a start up of like $200, and ended up with a $200 profit.”

On any given Thursday, Daniel Sherfey could be seen behind the register, taking orders with precision and a smile. “The Colts Coffee Corner” was warmly received among students, providing fellow classmates with access to a range of goods extending from coffee to Yoo-Hoos and candy.

“I liked the coffee corner because it allowed me to get refreshments in the morning when I didn’t have enough time at home,” said senior Logan Conley. “I also liked that the coffee cart allowed students to get drinks when the vending machines were closed.”

“It is good. I like it,” student Aaron Schlenther commented.

Other students, such as senior Abbey Bowe, were not so eloquent in their praises: “I was never up early enough to go. They didn’t have Diet Coke.” As I thanked her for the interview, she retorted, “They didn’t have Ryan Gosling either.

After talking with students throughout the past couple weeks, it is evident that the majority would like to see The Colts Coffee Corner return for the 2013-2014 school year. We at colt nation hope for equal success stories for candidates in the upcoming class elections. If you’re not running, be sure to vote. For those who are, we wish you godspeed as you embark upon the campaign trail. Until next issue, stay classy Nicholasville.


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