Mr. Blake’s take

Josh Preston

With student council elections drawing closer and closer, attention is focused on those running for office. However, student council wouldn’t exist without its sponsor, second year English teacher Mr. Blake.

“It’s [the student council] is the link between the student body, the community and the administration.  They have the power to do a lot of good things for the student body and the community alike,” Mr. Blake said.

“Last year, one of the initiatives that the student council took was the ‘Colt’s Coffee Corner’, which was a great way to not only raise money, but to provide a service to the student body.  We also brought back the Pledge of Allegiance,” Mr. Blake stated.  “I am excited to see what rising leaders in the school this year will do with the student council this year: how they’ll give back to the community, how they’ll give back to the student body.”

Student council elections are set for Monday, September 16. All that’s left is for you to decide who will represent you the best.

“Everything is set to take off,” Mr. Blake said.


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