College Corner: September

Catherine Graham

Welcome back to WJHS, everyone! This year, as we all creep that much closer to graduation (especially upperclassmen,) we should get ready to gear our thoughts towards something pretty scary: the FUTURE. For many of us, that means piles of applications, digging for scholarship money and ultimately deciding what college is right for you.

I want to help you guys make these important choices by keeping you up-to-date on all the goings on in the collegiate world around us (college fairs, application deadlines, scholarship opportunities and more.)

So to kickoff this year, here’s a glimpse of what you can be doing to stay on the higher-education track:

Freshmen and sophomores – start off your high school career right and get involved. Resume building is important to begin EARLY, so join a sport or a club. Club day at JCTC (usually the second Wednesday of every month) offers the chance to become member of many awesome groups – FFA, FCCLA (Future Career and Community Leaders of America), HOSA and more. Look for something to match your interest.

Juniors – you have to take the ACT in March, but you may not know that you can take it early. Throughout the year (it’s offered in October, December, February, and more in the spring/ summer) you can take the test. Just register online in advance. The best way to get scores up is practice, so the more you take the test, the higher your score will be. A high ACT is crucial to getting in and getting scholarships at the college of your choice!

Seniors – as you search for the right school for you, college visits are a great way to really get to know various universities. Take a day off to go sit-in on a class, see the campus layout, and you can even talk with real students and admissions officers. Just call the school (generally the Registrar’s office) to schedule your visit. But remember: each student gets only three per year excused, so use them wisely. Also, be sure to get the excuse form from the office before you go so it doesn’t count against your attendance.


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