Dually performing and helping

Abbey Bowe


West Jessamine’s show choir is unique in the world of choir; it serves a dual purpose of performance and community service, hence the name Dually Noted. Over the course of 4 years, Dually Noted has grown in size and intensity.

“This year is more organized and prepared than ever before. Our sound is on a different level. We are more confident as a group,” senior member Austin Vahle said. A group of confident, talented, sassy members needs all of these qualities and more in its leaders.

Cody Foster and Madeline Vermillion are just the two for the job. Along with determination to succeed, Foster and Vermillion bring a new concept to the table: unity.

“There isn’t a point to Dually Noted without unity,” said Foster. His co-president, or “First Lady” as Foster fondly calls her, is equally as focused on a familial vibe within the group. Dually Noted is different than other programs within the arts department. The majority of its members aren’t strictly “artsy kids”. They are involved in numerous activities including cross-country, student council, archery, and marching band.  Dually Noted is a place where anyone can be involved in music, and its co-presidents are a huge part of this welcoming atmosphere.

When asked to comment on their co-presidents, most Dually Noted members reached similar conclusions: like the group’s dual purpose, Vermillion and Foster also serve a dual purpose. Foster is assertive and determined, Vermillion is sweet and fair. Regardless of their leading style, Foster and Vermillion are both passionate about unity.


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