Lights, camera, freeze!

David Madill

Moving Pictures, West Jessamine’s stop motion action club, meets twice a month to learn about film making and to work on various film-related projects. Led by Jesse Seales and Nicole Fielder, this group is a great opportunity for anyone looking to try something new.

A stop motion video is made by taking many successive pictures, each one a little different from the one before, and piecing them together so that the subjects appear to move.

This type of film making presents several challenges. For example, a small change in lighting or scenery from frame to frame can make the finished video appear rushed or sloppy. Also, the time needed to take each frame individually can make it a lengthy process. Moving Pictures looks to minimize these discrepancies in order to produce the best film possible.

Recently, Moving Pictures has been learning about the roles of various people during a film’s production. Jim Owens, who has helped film several Olympics, was invited to share his experiences and insight into how the production of their films should be organized.

Moving Pictures plans to have a photo shoot in December and to be ready to share their video at the Highbridge Film Festival in April.

“It’s very exciting to learn about film making and create a finished product,” Eric Brown said.

If you are interested in Moving Pictures or want to know more about this interesting group, contact Mr. Stein, the art teacher.


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