New Bus Blunders

Dana Smith


The new bus system is controversial for our community, teachers and students.

The system includes car riders getting dropped off and picked up in the back of the school where the old bus drop off would be. The buses currently load in front of the school, right in front of the faculty parking lot. The students depart between 8:35 and 8:45 a.m. and get on the bus again at 4:00pm.

While waiting to get on the buses in the afternoon, students must wait in the cafeteria to be let out. When they are allowed to go outside, they then have to check a board to see where their bus is.

Senior Kariane Johnson does not like this new system. She is new to West High but said that it’s more confusing than her old school.

“At my old school, the buses would always be in the exact same spot,” Johnson said. “I always knew where to find my bus. I think I would like the old way, it sounds less chaotic than this year’s way.”

Senior Courtney Creech’s opinion was nearly the same, yet her response was different. “I think it needs to change,” Creech says, “I find it awkward.”

Like Johnson, she prefers the old way.

“We got to wait outside instead of stuffed all together in the cafeteria.” Creech said.

She feels that the school board should have kept it the same as the years before. Due to this change, a lot of parents are getting confused, and although this new system has been in effect for nearly a month, negative feedback is all that has followed.


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