One Direction: This is Us

Emily Malone 

One Direction hands down is probably one of the biggest boy bands of this generation yet. Girls eight to eighteen swoon over their boyish charm and what this generation likes to call talent. Their movie One Direction: This Is Us is really no different.

Director Morgan Spurlock already had famous films like “Super Size Me” and “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” under his belt. Spurlock did just what the other directors did in documentaries like “Justin Beiber’s: Never Say Never” and “The Jonas Brother’s: The 3D Concert Experience” – follow the musical talent around to get an inside look at a life of fame. Spurlock sends a camera around getting One Direction’s “Fab Five’s” full life experience from being in love to on the road with the fans. “This Is Us” serves its purpose to the audience it’s targeting, but if you’re looking for some type of insight or real point in watching the film, you’ll be disappointed. The “1D” film showed much repetition and a little boring.

The “Fab Five,” consisting of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tromlinson and Liam Payne, got their individual starts on the British version of “The X Factor.” Simon Cowell, one of the producers of the show, heard the newly grouped band and saw one thing: dollar signs.

In my opinion, One Direction is held together by harmony and excessive use of hair products.

If you’re a true One Direction fan, then it’s worth going to see. But if you’re someone like me or the average Joe searching for a good film then I do not, repeat, DO NOT recommend watching it. At best, One Direction: This Is Us deserves 2 ½ to 3 stars out of five.


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