West Jessamine above ACT average, lower than last year

Meredith Crockett

Over the summer, the state of Kentucky released the average ACT scores from the statewide March ACT exam. The ACT is a college readiness test. Scores range from 1 to 36. The state of Kentucky has all juniors take the exam in March.

Juniors in Jessamine County had an average score of 19.5, 0.3 points above the state average and only 1.6 points below the national average of 21.1. West Jessamine swept the county with an average of 20.3 while East was at a 19.0 average and Providence a 15.5 average. Though West was above the rest of the county, we were down .2 points from our record high 2012 average of 20.5.

From 2012 to 2013, Jessamine County averages went up 0.6 points in science, going from 19.4 to 20.0, but were down 0.6 points in English from 18.9 to 18.3.

Dr. Scott Wells is in charge of all ACT materials and administrating at West High. When asked about the scores, he said he was “very pleased,” extremely proud and has high goals for this year and years to come.

“I want to keep raising our composite scores every year. My hope is that we will no longer be eighth in the state, but number one,” Dr. Wells said.

This year, every junior has been given a Princeton Review ACT book and many opportunities to enrich their minds before taking the ACT in March. Wells credits his great teaching staff and wonderful student body to our success. With the help of Wells and several award-winning teachers, scores could be out of the park this year.

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