Who is Ms. Smith, the Teacher of the Year?

Olivia Mohr

2013-04-23 13.00.29

There are so many amazing teachers in the halls of West Jessamine High, and one of those incredible teachers had the honor of being called Jessamine County Teacher of the Year.

Just by talking to Ms. Smith, it’s obvious that she cares about her students, their futures and her job as a math teacher at West. In fact, she graduated from West.

“It’s so cool to be here shaping other students’ future,” Ms. Smith said. “We have an awesome school and awesome teachers, and I’m proud to represent my fellow teachers.”

“I feel incredibly proud,” she said in regards to winning teacher of the year. “I care about my students and my whole goal as a teacher is to help students. To win the vote of the teachers is one thing, but to win the vote of the students means all the more.”

This year is her seventeenth year of teaching, and her students call her an experienced teacher who cares about all her students and wants all of them to succeed.

“Her teaching style is different from most math teachers I have known,” sophomore Allie Howard said. “She always goes to the board with so much enthusiasm; you can’t really get bored. She will explain things multiple ways to make sure everyone understands it, which is where her years of experience shows. I definitely think “Teacher of the Year” is a good title to put in front of her name with all the experience she has and the work she puts in.”

“I think Ms. Smith is one of the most down-to-earth people I know,” sophomore Sascha Stryker said. “Her desire is to see each of us succeed in the best way we can. She’ll make sure if someone needs something to succeed, they’ll get it.”

It is clear that Ms. Smith loves her job, is passionate about what she does and her students think she is an excellent, skilled teacher.

The fact that Ms. Smith’s students know she cares makes her happy.

“All the frustrations about being a teacher go away because you know your students know you care,” Ms. Smith said.

Ms. Smith pushes her students to be the best that they can possibly be and wants them to try their hardest. She expects “good attitudes and one hundred percent effort” from her students.

“She trusts you and will make you successful, if you are willing to put in the work,” Howard said.

Ms. Smith decided she wanted to be a teacher her freshman year of high school. Her math teacher that year was Ms. Gayheart. Ms. Smith described her as amazing and said she could see the difference she could make in students’ lives. She inspired Ms. Smith to become a teacher.

It is evident that Ms. Smith strives to be an inspiration in her students’ lives just as Ms. Gayheart was in hers and she is clearly doing just that. Her students think she’s a fantastic teacher, and there will be many other students who will feel the same in the years to come.


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