All tests considered: Working on a nationally syndicated radio show

Meredith Crockett

“Hi Meredith – To my future colleague… Ira Glass”

“Hi Meredith – To my future colleague… Ira Glass”

When you think of a career, what comes to mind?

I personally think of doctors, lawyers, bankers, small business owners and chefs.  When I took a statewide career test and was told my number one career option was professional magician, I was shocked. I never even contemplated that outside of David Blaine and Houdini, people could be professional magicians. After confiding with family and friends, I completely forgot about the test and never really worried about it until I started communicating with the radio show “This American Life.”

“This American Life” is a Chicago-based radio show that gives an inside look at the lives of everyday Americans through rich reporting and storytelling.  Ira Glass, head producer and host, sent out a call for story ideas for one of his shows, and the career test immediately came to mind. I then sent him an email explaining the test and the results that my peers and I received. After a few weeks, I heard back from producer Lisa Pollak. She had picked up my story and was going to start working on it with me. Over the course of many summer weeks, we researched and took the test, analyzed results and interviewed my friends and myself. The whole process was truly eye opening and really showed me the ins and outs of federal and state funds.

Look for the show to come out sometime in November.


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