Can’t afford Yale or Princeton? QuestBridge is the solution!

Olivia Mohr

The best students should go to the best colleges and universities, right? Thanks to the non-profit organization QuestBridge, bright, motivated students with a strong work ethic can go to some of the nation’s best colleges, which they normally would not be able to afford.

QuestBridge has 35 top-ranked partner colleges, giving students many options and enabling them to attend the college of their dreams, which before would seem financially out of reach.

High school seniors can apply to the National College Match, which has incredible opportunities and benefits for outstanding students to attend the nation’s best (and most expensive) colleges and universities. Students may be able to receive full four-year scholarships with no loans. This is an amazing opportunity because, let’s face it, college is expensive.

Though the deadline for seniors has passed for this year, there is a junior program that is due in March 2014. The online application is free and opens mid-February. The junior program, which is the College Prep Scholarship program, has many benefits.

Through the College Prep Scholarship program, about 40 junior applicants will receive full scholarships to top-notch college summer programs where they can take college-level courses while staying in a dormitory. They can get a taste of college and see what life is like beyond high school.

The College Prep program also offers individualized college admissions counseling to 60 juniors who will be paired with a member of QuestBridge’s staff or a current Quest Scholar college student. They will be provided with personalized college admissions counseling through phone and e-mail.

Yet another possible benefit of this program is its college admissions conferences. Over 2,000 students will be invited to one of these QuestBridge conferences where participants will attend workshops on how to apply successfully to leading colleges and on the college application process.

For more information on QuestBridge and its programs, visit!

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