College Corner: October

Catherine Graham 

Just a little more college-centered advice for you guys as we head into the fall semester (since I know you just don’t get enough at school anyways…)

Freshmen and sophomores – Start taking standardized tests early. All of the math you need for the ACT is through Algebra II, and many of you are already there. The more practice you get, the better you will do on standardized tests. If you start now, you can chill out by junior or senior year while the rest of your friends are freaking out about their scores for the first time.

Juniors – Pick up a Governor’s Scholars Program and/or Governor’s School for the Arts application from the guidance office. These are both time-consuming and in-depth, so even though they aren’t due until January (for GSP) ad February (for GSA), you need to start now.

Seniors – The perfect way to learn more about a college with no commitment is… a college fair! So head to local events hosted by almost any university you could possibly want to attend. Fairs and meet-and-greets are all over Lexington and Louisville; everywhere from UK and WKU to Yale and Harvard have representatives in town at some point and they host informational sessions that let you get to know their schools without ever having to visit. This can be really helpful for out-of-state universities. Some of these events are pretty fun too, with t-shirts and the occasional free dinner. If there’s a school you’re really interested in, go to their website and see when they’ll be in our area.


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