Dancing fools

Hallie Pinkston

Dance team at the Homecoming game on Sept. 27.

Dance team at the Homecoming game on Sept. 27.

Dance teams across the nation have been a part of school spirit for as long as I can remember. Being on the dance team has given me a greater understanding of what school spirit is all about. With practice twice a week and football games every Friday night, I guess you can say my whole life revolves around this wonderful team.  The 2013-2014 West Jessamine High school dance team includes Jillian Jones, Madison Gentry, Madison Preston, Alexis Davis, Haley Miller, Abby Foster, Courtni Humphries, our coach Morgan Miller and me.

It takes many things to be a part of the West Jessamine dance team: hard work, dedication and of course, all things dance. On this team, you must give your all not only during the routines but in conditioning as well. Besides dancing, we laugh and act silly but always make sure to give it our all.

We are much more than a team. We are a family. Even though we laugh and make fun of each other, coach included, we love each other a lot. When it comes to learning choreography, our couch is the most important member of our team. She does everything from teaching us dances to watching us perform or even just hanging out. She’s much more than a coach – she is a role model and a friend.

Being a small team makes us vulnerable in competition, but we know that our hard work will pay off. We have a “kick butt” routine with amazing music and choreography. We are ready for anything that the judges throw at us. We will be at every football and basketball home game, so come out and support the West Jessamine High school dance team.


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