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Judianne Speach

I almost put off writing this article until next month. However, I was convinced it’d be worth it to take twenty minutes and get it done now instead of taking the easy way out and writing about FCCLA.

It’s an awesome club, by the way. You should join.

But let’s not get off track. Procrastination. It’s safe to say that most high school students are affected by such a terrible curse. It affects me every day. For example, I should probably be studying economics right now.

Because of sophomore Zach Reiff’s struggle with procrastination, his failing grades might get him kicked out of Sweeney Todd. Caleb Bol says that he “puts the pro in procrastination” – corny, but accurate. I asked my classmate Clayton Collins if he had any struggles with procrastination, and he said he’d let me know next block. He never did.

“Procrastination is a disease,” sophomore Jackson Lee says. “I never wrote my essay for world history. The football game came on, and I had to watch it. So Microsoft Word was left blank.”

It’s true though. Procrastination is a disease. It kills slowly, gradually destroying the lives of everyone, especially teenagers. It causes failing grades. It leads to stress that can only be cured by sleep or food—which only creates more procrastination. It prohibits you from working to the best of your ability and then crushes dreams, leaving you feeling worthless.

So how do we stay away from this life-destroying, stressful, dream-crushing virus?

1) Put your phone away. Let’s face it: Instagram and Twitter are addicting, but they’re also time-consuming. Get your work done, then reward yourself with the hours you can spend scrolling through selfies and reading about who just went to Keeneland and how much money they lost.

2) Get sleep. I’m a teenager too, and I like to stay up half the night, believe it or not. But the more sleep you get, the more motivation you’ll have to get work done instead of laying there, too lazy to move.

3) Don’t put off assignments until the last minute. We all stay up late Sunday nights studying for Monday tests, or don’t stay up at all and choose to wing it and retake it later. But by getting your work done ahead of time, you’ll have more time to relax, and you’ll enjoy it.

4) Stop reading this article. I know these tips on how to avoid procrastination are cheesy and annoying. So yes, I’m telling you to stop reading about procrastination and go do something productive.


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