From the editors…

The editors of Colt Nation would like to apologize for the mistakes printed in the October issue of Colt Nation:

  • On the front page, Landon Adkins was in the middle of the boys’ golf photo.
  • The article on Breast Cancer Awareness Month had a statistical error. The American Cancer Society estimates that 2013 will have seen over 232,000 cases of breast cancer and almost 40,000 deaths form breast cancer.
  • The name Hailley Stantz, author of the Gravity movie review, was misprinted.
  • The ‘e’ in “Sweeney Todd” was misprinted.
  • Joe Bandy, author of the Standards Based Grading article, submitted a concluding paragraph but the senior editor may or may not have lost it.

All of these changes have been applied to the web version of Colt Nation, available at

Colt Nation contributor Joe Bandy:

The overwhelming majority of feedback from students had one complaint, “Standards Based Grading isn’t fair.”

I really hate to beat a dead horse on this one but life isn’t fair. School already isn’t “fair” since not everyone has equal footing. Some have better resources, teachers, test taking abilities etc. The point of SBG, however, is to focus on the education and not the fairness. If you honestly believe that someone who struggles learning concepts shouldn’t get extra attention that not all other students get, you’ve been sorely mislead. If a kid doesn’t need the extra practice to ace the test why does he need to do it? Teachers are here to teach to the best of their ability, they don’t need to reprimand students who don’t need their help.

So instead of complaining about what’s fair, be thankful you,
A) Have a free education
B) Have an awesome system (SBG) to better said education.

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