How we do winter fashion at West Jessamine

Albina Laskovtsov

Behold, the season of UGGs! It’s that time of year when 70 percent of females at West Jessamine High School pull out the fashionably impressive boots. In case there is anyone out there who is unaware of the coming of winter, let the appearance of the popular UGGs be a telltale sign that it has arrived. They have crawled from the depths of dusty closets and found their way on the feet of unassuming teenage girls and perhaps some boys. If you ever wondered where you can get warm winter wear but at the same time be fashionably adept with flashy pink sequins, no worries: UGG has got you covered. (And have you seen the One Direction UGG’s?! They’re definitely keepers!)

In all seriousness, winter has come upon us. (Almost) For girls and guys alike, sweaters and cardigans are a must. If you do not own a couple dozen, you’re doing it wrong. And take advice from the Sweater Guru: Goodwill is the hook up. For the price of one pair of UGGs, you can get roughly 76 sweaters at Goodwill! To match your thrifty sweaters, you must have earmuffs. (No hats allowed.) The ear muffs must be adorned with an animal face, preferably a pig or a cow because not only are they warm and cozy but incredibly stylish.

The way you wear a scarf is essential to the whole winter wear ensemble. It must be made of pure wool or cashmere and must be wrapped around three times (unless you are the weak of heart, then twice is okay). The scarf must match the footwear, which, as we established above, is preferably UGG boots. If you are worried that you won’t be able to match the scarf, I am here to reassure you that UGG is known for their creativity and will bound to have cow, polka dot or galaxy print boots.

To those that consider themselves extremists of winter wear, I suggest leather gloves that will surely protect the digits from the upcoming frost.

All in all, winter wear is quite important and must be taken seriously because here at West Jessamine, we mustn’t joke with the cold. Here is to happy wearing and keeping warm for the winter!


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