Prayer, pickle-ball and pastries

Monica Alden 

Every Friday morning at West Jessamine High School, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) gets together to do all sorts of fun things, like playing pickle ball, eating donuts and praying together.

One of the most appealing aspects of FCA is its openness. “We’re more like a Fellowship of Christ Wannabes than anything,” Junior Gentry Fitch says. “Anyone who wants to live more like Him is absolutely welcome along with anyone who’s curious about Jesus. So everyone should totally come this Friday!”

FCA meetings have a four-week rotation.  First, there’s Club Week, which is basically pickle-ball and badminton tournaments and donut eating. The next two weeks are Life Groups.  Boys and girls split into separate groups to share life and go through a devotional. Afterward, they think about and discuss thoughts for the next week.  The fourth week features a guest speaker who shares their experience with Christ.

From what I’ve heard, this club sounds fantastic because, you know, who doesn’t love donuts, ping-pong and sharing their faith? (Not in that order, of course.)


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