Super illegal?

Megan McAnly

After a long day of school and work, I realized that my black, non-slip shoes were falling apart at the bottom, so I figured that super-glue would do the trick. I walked into Walmart, found the glue and headed for the checkout line. I watched as the cashier scanned my other items and then she suddenly asked me for my I.D. I replied with, “I’m only seventeen, can I not get super-glue?” The Cashier explained that teenagers abuse it and told me I couldn’t buy it. I purchased my other items and left the store without the thing I most needed.

As I was leaving, I thought, how do people even get a buzz off of something like that? Why would they want to try? I never thought about having trouble buying such a simple household  item.  I asked around and found out that I shouldn’t get asked for an I.D. if I went to the Dollar General down the street.  Another friend told me that he later went to Walmart and was not asked for an I.D. buying super-glue. Was it my cashier that wanted to I.D. me? Or was it the system? Either way, I was mad that I couldn’t buy super-glue to fix my work shoes.

Kids these days need to realize that they only have one life. Don’t waste it on something as stupid as putting super-glue into your body. Have fun, but be smart, safe, and responsible.


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