A profile on Matthew Haughton

Zach Rieff

Mr. Matthew Haughton is a new Teacher to WJHS. He teaches freshmen, sophomore and Junior English. He enjoys teaching English here, and is very happy with how welcomed he is in our school. He states that WJHS is “Never a drag… The kids, parents, and co-workers are great!”

Mr. Haughton is a published author. He has poems published in over 100 periodicals and has a published book of poems called “Stand in the Stillness of Woods”.  Haughton has worked in many different careers, most involving literature somehow. When he attended his high school, he enjoyed English; it wasn’t until he went to college that he decided that he wanted to take English and literature more seriously.

Mr. Haughton had good grades in high school, except math. He had to go to summer school due to his grades in math. He also acted in high school, but when he attended UK for a acting major, he made the decision to study Literature. Haughton’s favorite band in high school was “Pixies of Nirvana” and when asked what his favorite music genre was, he exclaimed “ROCK!”

One of Mr. Haughton’s Christmas traditions is to go see his family and be with his girlfriend. Mr. Haughton is a very family oriented person. Both his dad and his brother are engineers, but he got the creative genes in the family.

Mr. Haughton is very glad to be part of the Colt family here at WJHS. He is an all around funny, creative and insightful teacher. But what he looks for most in teaching here is learning from his students. He thanks you for your welcome to this new school!


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