Dominican impact

Meredith Crockett

During the week of Nov. 8-17, my family and I took a short-term mission trip to the Dominican Republic. We took the trip through the missions group SCORE International. SCORE was started by a group of baseball players, coaches and trainers who wanted minister to the children and families of the Dominican. In the Dominican, the kids see baseball as a “ticket out” from poverty because so many Dominicans have played in the MLB. This means that the boys there practice and perfect baseball.  The missionary work that the males in our group did mostly involved baseball, including hosting clinics where they worked on techniques for hitting, fielding and throwing with the boys.

While they were running the clinics, the women and girls went into the villages, orphanages and schools. We traveled from Santo Domingo all the way to Boca Chico. Through these towns and villages, we preached, shared testimonies, gave food and provided medical service. One of the homes that we visited was called the Lily House. This house is a home and sanctuary to women who were and are on the streets, involved in sex trafficking and prostitution.  Erica Jude, NBC journalist and writer, went to the Dominican Republic to plant churches and saw a heavy need for help for these women. She began to go into the streets, and helped women every Thursday. She has devoted her time, money and life to serving Jesus and the women of the D.R. While I was there, I met amazing people, enjoyed wonderful fellowship, witnessed God’s love and truly had my eyes opened. SCORE has done a beautiful job of helping the people who truly need it and sharing the Gospel to the lost.

To learn more about SCORE and the missions it does, visit



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