Technology grant develops theatre and community

Olivia Mohr

In late September or early October, every school in the district was asked to apply for a Jessamine mini-grant, a grant giving amounts ranging from approximately $12,000-$25,000 to schools, based on student enrollment.

Dr. Wells wrote the grant for West, and around Thanksgiving, he received the news that West was getting $26,443 form the grant. Approximately $20,000 of it is going towards the auditorium, which, as of now, could use some improvement.

A projector and an accompanying desktop will be installed in the auditorium, as well as an enhanced sound system. These advancements will not only affect the drama department; they will affect the whole school. As well as benefiting the arts and drama programs, the improvements that will be made will allow great ACT prep, and the auditorium will basically become like another classroom. Also, the auditorium will become easier to rent out for use because it will be better equipped; it will be a potential source of cash flow for our school and the district.

So what difference will these advancements make? In the auditorium, we will see clearer computer presentations, have a better sound system and the auditorium will, in general, have better visual appeal.

Ideally, the technological advancements should be done in the spring, according to Dr. Wells, and any unused money will go towards buying the school more iPads or to paying off the debt still owed on our existing iPads.

The money from the tech grant will clearly benefit West and the Jessamine County community by making the auditorium a better place.


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