Amazon’s drone delivery

Cory Laird 

Amazon may have the next big thing: delivery drones. But how well will this work? How will it affect employment? Will it raise employment, lower it or have no effect? The idea of hour delivery, the ability to order something and within an hour it is sitting on your front porch, is amazing. This is truly a step into a futuristic world that we dreamed of as kids. But as anything new, it may have too many cons to work.

Amazon has put thousands into these drones, which have a GPS and can deliver anything the size of a shoebox or smaller. It has made the ability to shop online easy and quick. Many would say there couldn’t be any cons to this, but even the company has seen flaws in their creation. They have put thousands into this, but with no defense system, so how long will it be before they are replacing hundreds of these drones because they have been damaged or stolen. Let’s face it: we don’t live in a perfect world, so while these drones are an amazing breakthrough, in the world we live in today, are they safe? These drones are being piloted by somebody in a warehouse, and while we want to believe that nobody would use these for bad, the possibility is always there.

The drones that Amazon has created have to be piloted by someone who knows what they are doing, so what about the truck drivers who work for Amazon? Is Amazon still going to keep some of their trucks? But even then, this puts a lot of people out of work. Many Amazon drivers will either have to transfer to factory work or packaging, a completely different world from driving a truck.

Amazon has mounted cameras on the drones in the hopes that if anything were to happen, they would be able to know who did it, and the GPS would track them. All of this has been released to the public, so there is someone somewhere who has already found a way to cheat this “full proof” system. Many do not like the idea of cameras with someone they don’t know piloting it – it gives someone you don’t know an insight into your personal life. Have these drones crossed a personal boundary? Will this eventually be a long-term plan? How much of a learning experience is this for Amazon and any other company doing this? How many people will this put into unemployment? While this is only a test run for the company, this is a huge eye opener for the world. Technology has taken off and has made leaps. While we want to keep improving technology, sooner or later we may grow too big for our britches.


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