January college corner

Catherine Graham

Welcome to January: a winter wonderland of freezing cold temperatures and the occasional surprise snow day. Now I know we all love a good day off, but too many of these little blessings can turn into a curse (especially with some big tests right around the corner once the spring thaw comes). I want to help you guys out with your snow day survival plan. Here’s how to stay on all your schoolwork and deadlines while chillaxing at home, sipping hot cocoa:

Try to do at least one productive thing per snow day. With so many January deadlines, it’s not hard to do – maybe finish up those last college applications since they’re starting to pile up, like the snow is outside. Snow day free time can be a real relief if you’re behind in your applications. Don’t wait until midnight the night before deadline.

Also, don’t ignore your current classes on a snow day. You could miss a whole unit if you skip reading and doing homework. That’s dangerous, especially in an AP class. AP test days are set, and the College Board doesn’t care how often you were or weren’t in class. Most teachers will give you assignments in advance if they’re expecting bad weather, but don’t be afraid to get ahead or even email your teacher if you’re confused about something.

Most of all, enjoy your snow day! You never know how many you’ll get, and they make a boring, gray winter a little brighter. Keep up and keep warm!


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