The dreaded f-word

Meredith Crockett

In this day and age, women have more opportunity for success and achievement than ever before. A woman calling herself a feminist has become as natural as a man saying he’s a banker or a fan of baseball.

But with feministic views come great issue. In our society, some women have used the title “feminist” as an excuse to say, do and act however they would like. For example, a woman may go out and have sex with many men or make statements that are completely irrational, but her reasoning becomes, “It’s okay, I’m a feminist, and I have rights as a woman.”

Now, in no way am I saying I am against feminism, so save your angry letters. I am a strong feminist, but I believe in a different kind of feminism. I believe in a society where women are seen as equal to men, a place where gender bias for men and women doesn’t exist. You may think gender bias isn’t around anymore, but look at this: we tell girls to aspire to marry, but we don’t enforce it on boys. Girls are to see other women as competition for men, not competition in the work force or in academics. We want girls to have ambition, but ambition strictly within a boundary that includes marriage and kids. Women have become okay with “stay in the kitchen” and “make me a sandwich” jokes, but if we say something about boys’ “manhood,” they become infuriated. Why is this suddenly accepted? Why do women our age just accept this? Why, because we are teenagers, are we expected to put up with this?

As a school and community, we should all band together to fight gender bias. No, this doesn’t just include girls; guys, you can get in on this also. We can start including girls in positions of leadership, letting women have just as much say on important issues as men. And guys, you can leave the jokes and the condescending behavior at home. If you treat women the way you do now at a job, you will get fired so fast you won’t even know what happened. Also, support your friends and girlfriends in their womanhood. Don’t bring them down. Let them know that they can achieve anything they want and they are just as important to society as you are. Girls, stop accepting sexist behavior. When guys are being rude and unfair, say something to them. You must confront bad behavior, but with that you must also be respectful.

Use your womanhood to your advantage: don’t overdo it and don’t keep it hidden.


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