The maze

Young Koh

Again and again, you are thrown into a maze. You have to get out of it, or the Letter might be altered. Given less than an hour, you have to make it out of this maze or face the consequences. Dashing past the colors, the movements and most importantly, all the NAMES. With every step you take, you risk your ability to turn back. But you aren’t planning on even looking back; no, that’s a mere distraction. You have to consistently make perilous calls, and with each step, you find yourself at another junction. You can hear the sighs of relief from your fellows on the other side, and you are not about to let them enjoy the freedom themselves.

Twenty minutes.

Footsteps thunders behind you as a multitude of others try to catch up to you. Time is running out, and you see a quick turn to the Outside. It’s risky, but it might just work… and you hit dead end. A wall of darkness was erected before you, and the path is closed behind you. This cannot be, you say to yourself, but it is there. It is the Block, the near-impenetrable barrier between yourself and the finishing point.

Ten minutes.

You aren’t out of tricks just quite yet, however. Again and again, you slam yourself against the wall. You summon your minions of memories, old sayings, and they are brought to life against the malicious obstruction.

Five minutes.

Your mind is working more furiously than ever. The countless minions you have summoned lie dead next to you, but more keep responding to your call. You can feel the darkness waning, and the wall is weakening, but you are almost out of time.

Three minutes.

You cannot waste another moment locked in this meaningless duel, and with the last remnants of your mind, you channel all your experiences against the block. It first shudders, and finally, with a sigh, it collapses. You cross the finish line, weary and wounded.

Time’s up.

Author’s note: this is just a WAY cooler way of looking at writing blocks and essays, and hey, who says it can’t ever be interesting?


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