Colt Crazies keeps spirit high despite loss to county rivals

Fred Allen Meyer

On Feb. 7, the WJHS Colt Crazies got the night off to a wild start with senior Byron Speech as Moses parting the Red Sea student section. The Colts had the clear advantage to start the game, being in their home gym and having the colt crazies on their side. However, East wasn’t phased at all by the pregame hype – they quickly silenced the dominant West crowd when they got off to an incredibly hot offensive start. The Jags’ stellar play continued throughout the entire game, and West had no answer. East never lost control of the game and managed to defeat the Colts with a score of 73-56. The only Colts to score in double digits were Brooks Ely, who led the way for West with 16 points, followed by Daulton Peters with 13. Although East finished their season sweep over West, the basketball Colts hope to salvage what they can of the remaining season and finish out strong.



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