February college corner

Catherine Graham

It’s called March Madness for a reason, guys. I know you’re all starting to feel that spring fever (just two more months until summer… I can feel the sun already). But try to keep your head out of the clouds for just a little longer. March is a vital month, especially for seniors waiting for college acceptance letters to start pouring in and for deadlines to sneak up.

Seniors, this is the time to start finalizing your college plans for next year. For those of you just getting in, pick your school! Remember to look at all aspects of a college (financial aid, reputation, etc.) as you set yourself on the fast track to your future. Once you’re in, make sure you get housing applications (the earlier the better for priority choice) and financial aid paperwork in and even start to plan your class schedule for next year. Look at the things like majors, undergraduate requirements and more specific to your new school to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. But don’t stress. It’s not all set in stone your freshman year. Just because you’re going in as a biology major doesn’t mean you’re stuck. You’ll change your mind (and maybe your major) plenty of times over the next four years. Just try and have a general idea of what you want to do to make your freshman year as useful as possible.

The scheduling madness applies to the rest of you non-seniors too, just in a different way. Be thinking about what you want to take next year. Maybe even schedule a meeting with your counselor to determine your career pathway, make sure you’ll have all the credits you need to graduate and start your search for scholarship possibilities. Now is the time to plan for next year!

But while you’re busy focusing on the future, don’t forget about your current classes. AP tests and finals are quickly approaching, and it never hurts to start studying as early as possible. Staying on top of things now will keep you on track to succeed this year in getting the credits you need to graduate and even credits you can use in college from AP classes. Just make it through March, guys… Spring break is almost here!


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