Puzzle Pieces

Bradley Phelps

After the putting on Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street in the fall and, more recently, Cinderella, the West Jessamine drama department is beginning to prepare for a spring show, which will be a combination of Krista Boehnert’s Puzzle Pieces and Bradey Hayward’s Sixteen in 10 Minutes or Less.

Director Hallie Brinkerhoff expects the show, a loosely structured, highly interpretive production dealing with the theme of teenage issues, to be an “unusual theatrical experience.” Puzzle Pieces, the first half of the show, is a set of monologues where the characters speak openly on issues like their fears, angers, futures and daily struggles. The second half of the show, Sixteen in 10 Minutes or Less, consists of ten vignettes, or short independent scenes that each recount a single episode or event. These also offer views on the universally experienced but rarely publicly discussed feelings of teenagers struggling to find their place in the world.

Despite not being a completely new student-written show as was a potential idea earlier in the year, the scripts will be altered or added to so they better suit the personalities and talents of the actors. It is likely that some of the monologues performed in Puzzle Pieces will be written by West students, and musical aspects may also be incorporated into the production in order to showcase the talents of the many student musicians involved in the drama department.

The show is intended to be performed in late April, with a tentative student performance during school on April 23 and evening performances April 24-26. There is a possibility of show dates being moved into May for logistical reasons, but any changes will be publicized as soon as possible. The West Jessamine drama department appreciates your support!

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