Three movies that are a must see on Redbox

Grace Rose

The Vow: The Vow is a very romantic, heart-wrenching movie. The main characters are played by Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. It is about two people in love and how their lives play out after a tragic accident. This true story is a must see, but get ready to shed a few tears!

Captain Phillips: Tom Hanks plays the main character in this dramatic movie. Captain Phillips is the true story about a man who is at sea with his crew, and pirates are a threat. During this movie, you are able to see the extreme measures that Captain Phillips went to in order to ensure every crewmember’s safety. This movie received six Oscar nominations and Tom Hanks does a fantastic job as a leading actor.

The Butler: The main character in The Butler has served eight presidents as a butler in the White House. This movie is taken place during the civil rights movement and you can see how major events during his occupation affect his own life and family. This movie has received over 32 nominations, including the NAACP Image Award.

These are all intriguing, true stories and I recommend them to everyone. These three movies are all an amazing choice if you are looking for a quality movie to watch on a lazy day. Enjoy!


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