2014 spring break hot spots

McKenzie Query

White sand beaches, gorgeous blue skies and salty ocean air surround you. You relish in the lush paradise, thankful for the long break away from reality. Lounging on your pink polka dot towel, you feel the beams of sun warming up your body. All you hear is the sound of seagulls carelessly flying above you and water crashing against the rocks on shore. You have no worries and no commitments. All of a sudden, the ocean fades away and you’re jolted with the sound of your name. You open your eyes and see your math teacher looking at you from across the room, waiting for the answer to the problem on the board.

If you’re one of these people daydreaming about spring break, you’re not alone. Many people have been planning their breaks since winter. Maybe they’re planning a ski trip to Colorado or heading up north. However, most teenagers travel to a sunny state because they’re tired of the cold, dreary Kentucky weather. For me, spring break is a time to relax and escape from the people, drama and the little town of Nicholasville. If you go to the typical spring break location sites, you might not be so lucky.

When it comes to hot spots, many families and friends fly to Siesta Keys, Florida, located on the West Coast of Florida. According to bayoaksonsiestakey.com, this white sandy beach is the number one beach in America. The beach is gigantic with beautiful blue water and soft white sand.

Another popular location is also in Florida: Panama City Beach. It is a city in Bay County on the Gulf of Mexico coast. According to visitpcfla.com, Panama City Beach’s slogan is “The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches” due to the unique sugar-white sandy beaches of northwest Florida. Panama City Beach has always been a popular vacation destination for people living in the southern United States. The city is a very popular spring break destination and is even referred to as “The Spring Break Capital of the World.” This is due to the 100,000 or more high school and college students who arrive during the months of March and April.

Or perhaps you want to travel to Cancun, Mexico. Cancun is a city in southeastern Mexico. It is major world-renowned tourist destination. According to cancuntravel.com, you will never run out of things to do during your vacation. You can enjoy water sports, golf courses, one of their world renowned eco-parks or just lie back and relax at one of their fabulous spas.

No matter what you do for spring break – whether you stay in town, venture down south, or go somewhere colder – make it fun and make it memorable.


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