April Fools!

Megan McAnly

Every year on April 1, millions of pranks are pulled. This is how they usually work: “Hey Mom, I failed my senior year!” or, “Hey Dad, I accidently ran your car into a pole when I borrowed it earlier.” When you come up with your joke, you wait for a reaction. Usually the person has forgotten that it is April Fools, so they either get mad, sad or a deadly mixture of both. After the reaction, you say, “April Fools!” Everything should be back to normal by that time, but it sure is funny to see or hear their reaction. A very popular April Fools joke is actually pulling the “Hey, I’m pregnant!” The reaction for that one can go very bad, or just semi bad- either way, it probably won’t go well. Another popular April Fools joke is “I got fired from work today; I’m on my way home.” This one is an easier joke to get away with if the person you are telling the joke to is mad.

April Fools is just a day to pull a prank on someone, so what will you do on April Fools? I might go with some of these:
“Hey did you hear about the school catching on fire?”
“Hey I’m moving to Australia to get my life together. Delete my number, see you never!”

Whatever you decide to do for your prank, it will probably be extremely entertaining. Just remember to keep people’s feelings in mind, and if the person is sensitive to jokes, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to pull a prank on them. Remember to think about your joke for April 1, and have fun with it!

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