WJHS boys’ tennis

Logan Sparks

A new season is filled with new opportunity for the WJHS boys’ tennis team. Last year, the Colts were faced with great competition in the 11th region. With the new region change, the Colts will now get the chance to leave their mark on the 12th region teams.

“I think that for us, it gives us a unique opportunity,” says boys’ tennis coach Josh Yost. “Our team is ready to face the competition in the 12th region; not only has our team been training, we have formed a special team bond that many don’t have.”

Having studied abroad in Singapore last season due to a temporary family move, the Sparks brothers are back in action. Senior Logan Sparks will be playing #1 singles, and freshman Tanner Sparks will be playing #1 doubles with his partner Hunter Haley.

Yost says Logan Sparks is “the picture of consistency.”

“Logan can make a lot of shots and put balls in play consistently.”

Tanner Sparks’ increase in “physical stature” has helped in an already mature game, Yost said, in addition to adding power with solid ground strokes.

Yost said Haley has added strength since sitting out which has helped make him “a much better player”, adding that a combination of two of his top three would make up a doubles team.

“Our team is here to win,” freshman Tanner Sparks said. “No matter what it takes, we will bring home that region title. I feel good playing doubles with Hunter. We work really well together.”

Senior tennis player Logan Sparks Photo: Logan Sparks

Senior tennis player Logan Sparks
Photo: Logan Sparks

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